Is the chance for success worth sacrificing for?

Often I have encounter music industry professionals, or those aspiring to be and realized that they either didn’t attend college or were able to be successful without higher education. With that being said does it mean that going to college isn’t worth the sacrifices that come with it?

I think that no matter what the sacrifice there is no black or while answer, there is never a set fine line. Every opportunity cost has to be weighed by the individual it concerns. For example only you know how much money you are willing to spend on an item or how well many lottery tickets youd be willing to buy to try to hit the jackpot.

The music industry is a lot like buying lottery tickets in a way I suppose. You never know what is coming next and you never know what is going to work. You can look at past patterns or have strong feelings about something but just like the lottery you often times simply end up taking your best guess.

There are a couple things in an industry that is changing a mile a minute that everyone needs. One of which is true fearless authenticity.

While it is true that as anyone working in the entertainment industry you are bound to face massive amounts of rejection throughout your career, much of the rejection I have been dealing lately has been coming from myself. I have spent so long wondering if there is a place for me in the entertainment industry. If I could fit myself into a socially acceptable sound, subject matter, or structure.

What I have come to realized is that there is never going to be a seat built just for me. I’m going to have to build my own place at the table, maybe even my own table and I have decided that I am going to sacrifice whatever it takes to do that (within the lines I have drawn). Not everyone is ready for those doors or that playing field but I do know that everyone has something they’re chasing.

Personally, I have never understood the phrase, “chase your dreams”, or “follow your heart”. Your heart and your dreams are innately within you, even within your identity sometimes. So simply realize that you are your own worst critic, it is okay to doubt, and don’t look for an opening make one because when you build what you have sacrificed for it will never be unauthentic.