• “Dare to Suck” – Seth Mosley

A bad idea is better than no idea at all. No matter the level of self-doubt that exists between your mind and your mouth, silence is never a good option. Also, maybe that one line doesn’t make it into the final song, but it may lead to ideas that shape the story being told. Bottom line, don’t be afraid to throw out whatever ideas come to mind.

  • Don’t get emotionally attached to lines

Don’t get emotionally attached to lines. Learn to be okay with people editing your ideas (besides odds are your song will end up in the hands of a topliner and get edited anyway). So often a line that seems perfect isn’t yours. That’s okay. Even if you feel like you’re the weak link in the room just be grateful to be there, and do your best. Everyone has good and bad days. Don’t think about splits, or who is writing better lines, or more lines. At the end of the day that is irrelevant. You are not going to be writing better songs or making more money by being concerned about who contributes more while you’re supposed to be actively contributing.

  • Silence begs for more

If you are co-writing with someone and you’re not sure how to say you don’t love an idea or how a comment will be perceived just let silence do the talking for you. Silence begs for more; more ideas, and more options. Odds are if you don’t say anything the idea will either be skipped over and not included. 

  • Don’t be afraid to say yes

There will be times where you don’t feel like you are qualified to take the opportunities that are offered to you. Take these opportunities as a sign that someone recognizes your potential, and don’t be afraid to say yes. Admit what you know and don’t know when you are asked but always try your best to learn and figure things out. ability to problem solve can get you so much further than trying to sound like you are an expert whether you are or not.