2020 is finally upon us. As much as we’ve entered a new decade this year’s Grammy speeches show that we have also begun a new era in the music industry.

From award-winning bedroom records taking the world by storm to a new generation of artists taking the stage, 2020 has already shown how much the industry is changing.

What does this mean?

Changes in the industry mean that listeners and creators are transforming all at once. With the popularity of streaming services, people are now listening to exactly what they want when they want. We are changing from an industry built on companies, to an industry of entrepreneurs.

Being an industry shifting towards independent creators and artists means that “bedroom records” (records that are recorded in small spaces or home studios) are now commonplace on the top charts. 

Becoming an industry built on entrepreneurs also means that, songwriters, producers, and engineers, are no longer looking to hit an “ideal sound or a target”. Right now no one is really searching for a “sound”. Instead, professionals are beginning to look to niches to fill and find success. The next generation of entertainment industry professionals will be looking to find a few small, specific areas to excel in. 

We have become accustomed to convenience, guided by technology, all while searching for authenticity.

Listeners know what they are looking for when they hear it. The industry is changing. It is no longer about radio play or record label executives. Instead, it is about digital marketing, quality recordings, and music worth the time of its listeners.

Right now, surviving the music industry comes with the understanding that there is an audience out there for you. But in addation to honing your craft, you must also accept the responsibility of an entreprenure.