So far, in 2020, maybe it’s felt a little bit like the world is ending. This year we have confronted physical sickness, the passing of icons, and now we are all apart of the world that is confronting centuries of injustice. It seems like maybe the world isn’t the same as it was before. 

Maybe you have lost a job, had a tour canceled. Perhaps you have been learning to live with the bombardment of social media and the news. I think we all have had some form of adjustment we’ve had to make. 

Now more than ever, the idea of a “work-life” balance seems nearly impossible. But as someone who has been struggling with this concept since this day one, I’d like to share with you a few techniques that I have found helpful to maintain boundaries and productivity. 

No. 1: Set “Office Hours” 

If you are someone who has suddenly found yourself working from home or directly working on projects when you would ordinarily be at a 9-5, you are probably missing some form of routine and structure (like I am). 

To help with that, I have set “office hours” for myself. Where I sit down and block off specific hours of the day where I answer emails, produce for clients, or simply get done what work I need to get done. 

Beyond those hours, I find it easy to get sucked into the idea that I can still do work if I can’t sleep. But I have found that when I do that, I get sucked into this idea that I have to be productive 24/7, and that is unrealistic. 

No. 2: Take Care of Yourself

Give yourself permission to take time for yourself. You need food, water, and exercise. I am horrible about sitting down and not moving for hours on end when I am working. To help with this, I try to set a timer to stand up after a specific period of time. I keep a water bottle beside me when I work just to remind myself to stay hydrated. Simple things have a lot of power. You may not need to go run a marathon, but it is incredible how much a little bit of self-care can change your day. 

No. 3: Cut yourself some slack. 

I heard it said this week that there are two types of tiredness. There are physically tried and emotionally/mentally tired. Even if we are not physically commuting, if we are not running around an office or venues, or a studio, we are being bombarded with an overwhelming amount of content and news. It’s challenging to balance between staying informed and needing a break from information overload. 

Right now, I think that we’re a little bit emotionally and mentally exhausted. So cut yourself some slack. Re-evaluate where you need to focus your energy. Are your deadlines realistic? Are you ruching yourself too hard? 

These are some things to think about. I hope that you all are doing well and that this was helpful. 

Thanks for reading.