Content creation and social media: 

Canva is amazing! There are free, and pro accounts offered on this website. It is perfect for designing social media posts, stories, logos, and even Facebook banners. 

It has singlehandedly up-ed my social media game!

Business Suite: 

Business Suite is an app that allows you to track your social media reach and audience engagement. It’s has been a great tool to track which hashtags are most effective and who your target audience is. 

For Co-Writing: 

Since working on songs and collaborating has begun to look very different than it once did, here are a few of my favorite resources to use for co-writing. 

Google Drive’s Shared Documents. 

This one is a no-brainer. Google’s ability to have as many co-writers as you want to work on one set of lyrics is phenomenal. 

Zoom and Google Meeting

Both Zoom and Google Meeting are both great options for video chatting while also editing a Google Doc. 

Once a song is written, I like to use Auddly to keep track of the demos, work-tapes, and masters. Auddly allows you to invite creators into a track, have a split sheet, audio, lyric sheet, and notes all in one place. Auddly also has an app for your phone and a sharable link feature where you can enable or disable a file from being downloaded. This is an excellent feature if you are sending a song out for feedback. 

If you are anything like me and have written and worked on too many songs to count, AirTable is a great way to keep track of your catalog. You can create multi-selectable tags, descriptors, and even hyperlinks. It’s like your standard excel spreadsheet on steroids. You can also invite collaborators, which is just another bonus. 


While this option isn’t free, it is a low cost. A new company called IndieUp has started helping artists DIY their releases, branding, and branding. For $100, you can pick a consultation package (they offer both branding and release strategy packages). These consultation packages include a one hour one on one meeting with an expert as well as a personal branding or digital release booklet with your notes, a customized marketing plan, a timeline and calendar, as well as, tips on how to get press exposure, playlisting for your songs, and more.